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The .com domain name was one of the first generic top-level domains (gTLDs) established in 1985. Its name comes from the word business, as .com registrations were originally intended for commercial organizations. Today, however, .com registration is open to everyone and has grown to become the most popular domain name in the world. As of 2012, it had over 100 million registrations.
.com domain names are trusted by millions of individuals and businesses around the world to help you succeed. When you think of the internet, you think of .com domain names. Recognized around the world, .com crosses every border, understands every language, and appreciates every culture. If you are doing any type of business or personal website, registering your .com domain name is definitely the place to start.
For personal websites, .com is the easiest to share and remember. For businesses, by registering a .com domain name, you will join the ranks of Fortune 500 companies and many top startups who have established .com domain names as the global standard for doing business online.

.com Domain name encyclopedia

What is a .com North america Usa domain name?

The .com domain name is a generic top-level domain (gTLD) operated by Verisign, an American company from Virginia. Like other top-level domains, its allocation is overseen by ICANN. The .com domain name was launched on January 1, 1985. In March of the same year, these three letters were awarded to the American company Symbolics as a domain name for the first time. About a year later, computer companies IBM and Sun followed suit. For comparison, the country-specific .co.uk domain name was registered as a UK top-level domain in July 1986. As of March 2021, approximately 154.6 million domain names have been registered, but so far, the .com domain name remains the most used top-level domain name in the world.
Since it's in such high demand, it's not just companies that are securing this top-level domain. Small and medium-sized businesses, start-ups and self-employed people also choose .com domain names. Many people associate this abbreviation with certain values, such as professionalism and seriousness. This is one of the reasons why .com domain names are more popular than other popular domain extensions. In the United States, addresses with .com are registered much more frequently than addresses with country-specific .us US domain names. The abbreviation .com is internationally known, and anyone - whether an individual or a legal entity - can register this domain name extension, regardless of their place of residence. Domain names with umlauts and similar special characters are also supported. In addition, in addition to Latin alphabet domain names, you can also register Japanese, Korean and Hebrew .com domain names.

How many years can a .com domain name be registered for?

.com North america Usa domain names can be registered for a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 10 years.

How many years can a .com domain name be renewed at one time?

The .com North america Usa domain name can be renewed for a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 10 years.

How to modify .com domain name DNS (domain name server)?

When you decide to sell your .com domain name on the DN.COM global high-quality domain name trading platform, modify the DNS settings on a voluntary basis. To modify the DNS: the withdrawal fee will be charged at 3-9%, and if it is not modified, it will be charged at 12%.
The following is a simple step-by-step process to modify the DNS of your .com domain name:
1. Log in to your .com domain name registrar account and find the .com domain name management page.
2. Find the .com domain name DNS server settings, and set the DNS value of your .com domain name to ns1.dn.com and ns2.dn.com.
3. DNS takes effect within 24-72 hours, please wait patiently. If it exceeds the time, you can contact customer service.
4. List your .com domain names for sale individually or in batches on the DN.COM platform.
Note: Once the DNS record of the .com domain name takes effect, your .com domain name will have free traffic support.
Note that different .com domain registrars may have different interfaces, but generally offer similar options.

Basic Information

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  • English international domain name
  • .com is one of the generic domain extensions(gTLD).

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  • VeriSign Global Registry Services
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  • info@verisign-grs.com
  • VeriSign Global Registry Services 12061 Bluemont Way Reston VA 20190 United States of America(the)