Flexible domain selling options

DN platform provides you with multiple ways to quickly sell your domain

Domain selling process

  • Step 1: Register an account

    Register a free DN account, and you can start selling domain names by adding them to your account.

  • Step 2: List domain names

    There are two ways to make a bid for a domain name: Buy Now, where you set a fixed price, or Make Offer, where you propose a price and negotiate with the seller.

  • Step 3: The buyer purchases the domain name

    The buyer can make the purchase on the platform or negotiate with the seller to reach an agreement.

  • Step 4: Domain name transfer

    The buyer pays the DN platform, and then you transfer the domain name to the platform. We will assist you throughout the transfer process.

  • Step5: Secure payment processing

    After the domain name transfer is completed, we will pay you the remaining funds, minus commission, within one business day.