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.xerox Domain name encyclopedia

How many years can a .xerox domain name be registered for?

.xerox North america Usa domain names can be registered for a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 10 years.

How many years can a .xerox domain name be renewed at one time?

The .xerox North america Usa domain name can be renewed for a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 10 years.

How to modify .xerox domain name DNS (domain name server)?

When you decide to sell your .xerox domain name on the DN.COM global high-quality domain name trading platform, modify the DNS settings on a voluntary basis. To modify the DNS: the withdrawal fee will be charged at 3-9%, and if it is not modified, it will be charged at 12%.
The following is a simple step-by-step process to modify the DNS of your .xerox domain name:
1. Log in to your .xerox domain name registrar account and find the .xerox domain name management page.
2. Find the .xerox domain name DNS server settings, and set the DNS value of your .xerox domain name to ns1.dn.com and ns2.dn.com.
3. DNS takes effect within 24-72 hours, please wait patiently. If it exceeds the time, you can contact customer service.
4. List your .xerox domain names for sale individually or in batches on the DN.COM platform.
Note: Once the DNS record of the .xerox domain name takes effect, your .xerox domain name will have free traffic support.
Note that different .xerox domain registrars may have different interfaces, but generally offer similar options.

Basic Information

  • .xerox
  • 5
  • usa
  • Commercial
  • commercial generic top-level domain

Domain Name Management Organization/Company

  • Xerox DNHC LLC
  • whois.nic.xerox
  • 45 Glover Avenue Norwalk CT 06856 United States of America(the)

Contact Information

  • Xerox DNHC LLC
  • +1(202)223-9252
  • +xeroxregistries@fairwindspartners.com
  • FairWinds Partners,LLC 1000 Potomac Street NW #350 Washington DC 20007 United States of America(the)

Technical Support

  • Xerox DNHC LLC
  • +1-480-505-8800
  • iana@registry.godaddy
  • GoDaddy Registry 2155 E GoDaddy Way Tempe AZ 85284 United States of America(the)