.ws is the official country domain(ccTLD)from Samoa.View related Domain names>>

The island country, Samoa, has its own official .ws domain. It is managed by SamoaNIC and its acronym stands for "West Samoa" which refers to its former official name. This country is located on the continent of Oceania and is one of the four islands that make up Polynesia.
Renewable energy is a project they have in Samoa, they hope in 2021 to have fully energy of this type. It has approximately 196,000 inhabitants and one of its official languages is English.
Google interprets the ccTLD .ws as a gTLD. You can interpret its acronym WS as "website", "web service", among others. From wherever you are you can acquire your .ws domain and create an original domain name.

.ws Domain name encyclopedia

What is a .ws Oceania Samoa domain name?

ws (webSite) is the abbreviation of World Wide Web site, and it is also the abbreviation of the island country of Western Samoa. Samoa, formerly known as "Western Samoa", is an archipelago country and is a South Pacific island country located approximately halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand, east of American Samoa. Accredited domain name registrars for domain names ending in .com, .net, and .org. have adopted this policy. It has also been adopted by some country code top-level domains (e.g. .nu, .tv, ws). If the same visitor sees a ws advertisement, this has become a domain name suffix that they are familiar with. Even if the user has never seen a ws advertisement, they will guess that it is a (webSite) website. In short, for these country-specific domain names, the huge market will always get a big boost.

Why choose .ws Oceania Samoa domain name?

The .ws domain name is the national domain name of Samoa. The .ws domain name is very popular locally. If you need to start an Internet online business locally, registering the .ws domain name is very advantageous. It can be seen from the country-specific domain names of each country that most countries only recognize their own country-specific domain names, and the .ws domain name is no exception. If they browse an online business website, they give priority to the business website with the local domain name of Samoa. This is You can convince them that your business is real in Samoa.

How many years can a .ws domain name be registered for?

.ws Oceania Samoa domain names can be registered for a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 10 years.

How many years can a .ws domain name be renewed at one time?

The .ws Oceania Samoa domain name can be renewed for a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 10 years.

How to modify .ws domain name DNS (domain name server)?

When you decide to sell your .ws domain name on the DN.COM global high-quality domain name trading platform, modify the DNS settings on a voluntary basis. To modify the DNS: the withdrawal fee will be charged at 3-9%, and if it is not modified, it will be charged at 12%.
The following is a simple step-by-step process to modify the DNS of your .ws domain name:
1. Log in to your .ws domain name registrar account and find the .ws domain name management page.
2. Find the .ws domain name DNS server settings, and set the DNS value of your .ws domain name to ns1.dn.com and ns2.dn.com.
3. DNS takes effect within 24-72 hours, please wait patiently. If it exceeds the time, you can contact customer service.
4. List your .ws domain names for sale individually or in batches on the DN.COM platform.
Note: Once the DNS record of the .ws domain name takes effect, your .ws domain name will have free traffic support.
Note that different .ws domain registrars may have different interfaces, but generally offer similar options.

Basic Information

  • .ws
  • 2
  • samoa
  • country / region
  • Samoa domain name
  • .ws is the official country domain(ccTLD)from Samoa.

Domain Name Management Organization/Company

  • Government of Samoa Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade
  • whois.website.ws
  • P.O. Box 1861 Apia Samoa

Contact Information

  • Government of Samoa Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade
  • +685 20926
  • +admin.contact@csl.ws
  • Computer Services Ltd. Lotemau Centre Apia Samoa

Technical Support

  • Government of Samoa Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade
  • +1 760 602 3000
  • tech.contact@csl.ws
  • Global Domains International 701 Palomar Airport Road #300 Carlsbad CA 92011 United States of America(the)