2023 Escrow.com Domain Name of the Year Awards Overview

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The Escrow.com Domain Guru of the Year Award recognizes the 10 highest-earning brokers of 2023, measured by the size of the deals they closed. The winners not only receive industry accolades, but also the coveted trophy, which was presented

Escrow.com's Annual Domain Master Awards aim to recognize the top 10 brokers of 2023 based on the highest revenue generated, measured by the volume of transactions they have closed. Winners not only receive industry acclaim but also coveted trophies, presented at the NamesCon Global 2024 domain industry conference held in Austin, Texas.

Winners – Escrow.com 2024 Annual Domain Masters

10. Joe Uddeme – Managing Partner, Name Experts LLC

Joe Uddeme has been in the brokerage business since 2009, facilitating complex negotiations and transactions of domains, websites, and IPV4 assets for businesses and investors. Joe has successfully closed sales exceeding $120 million, including premium domains such as Max.com, Mine.com, Loop.com, Link.com, 20.com, and Monday.com.

9. Mark Daniel – Managing Director, Domain Holdings Group

Mark Daniel is a founding member of Domain Holdings Group and has been an integral part of the group's development since its inception. He is a digital real estate expert, specializing in assisting clients of all scales in acquiring and selling premium domains. He has successfully facilitated sales of domains like Genius.com, Hero.com, Purple.com, Axios.com, Cheddar.com, Ignite.com, and Room.com. Mark's excellent reputation, longevity, and track record highlight his reliability and credibility.

8. Ryan McKegney – CEO, DomainAgents

Ryan McKegney is the CEO of DomainAgents.com. He and his team assist clients of various sizes in buying and selling domains. Since its inception, Ryan has been recognized annually as one of the Domain Masters. Since operating since 2012, DomainAgents has become a trusted partner for buyers, sellers, registrars, and service providers.

7. Brent Oxley – Serial Entrepreneur

Brent Oxley is a serial entrepreneur and avid domain investor. In 2002, Brent founded the web hosting company HostGator.com, which he grew into a thriving enterprise with over 1,000 employees and annual revenue exceeding $100 million before selling it to EIG for nearly $300 million in 2012. Brent recently launched his new web hosting company, Create.com, offering free first-year hosting to all domain owners!

6. Matthew Chase – Broker, Lumis Group

Matthew Chase is a highly experienced and award-winning senior broker at Lumis Group LLC, specializing in acquisitions. Matthew has an outstanding track record and has been instrumental in driving sales exceeding $30 million since 2021. Among the 250+ digital assets he has represented, notable transactions include more.com, titan.com, viva.com, wage.com, pry.com, door.com, and onrunning.com.

5. Brian Harbin – Founder, Grit Brokerage

Brian Harbin is the founder of Grit Brokerage, representing the entire team of Grit Brokerage in this position. Grit Brokerage is an independent brokerage firm established in 2014. The Grit Brokerage team, including Brian, Michael Law, Maureen Sullivan, Tess Diaz, Sabrina Laureola, and Kathryn Malaban, collectively brings over 60 years of domain brokerage experience. Grit Brokerage specializes in outbound sales to end-user clients for seller clients, invisible domain acquisition services for buyer clients, and operates a blog and popular monthly domain newsletter.

4. Stephen Miholovich – CEO, Name Arena

Steve Miholovich is the founder and CEO of Name Arena, a client-centric domain brokerage company serving all markets and industries. After years in executive roles at two major domain registrars, he decided to start his own company in 2018. Steve has been in the domain industry for over 20 years and has worked in internet-related companies for over 30 years. His expertise includes registrar investigations, complex negotiations, domain valuation, and deal closures.

3. Jeffrey Gabriel – Co-Founder, Saw.com

Jeffrey Gabriel is an entrepreneur, salesman, Guinness World Record holder, and co-founder of Saw.com. Jeffrey and his team have been involved in transactions totaling over $500 million, including but not limited to Ai.com, Virtual.com, Media.com, M1.com, Data.ai, Perfect.com, and Bunny.com, among countless others.

2. Andrew Miller – Managing Director, Hilco Digital Assets

Andrew Miller is the Managing Director and Head of Hilco Digital Assets, a joint venture he co-founded with leading asset consulting and investment firm Hilco Global. As an entrepreneur and facilitator, Andrew has facilitated strategic acquisitions and game-changing premium domain transactions, providing consulting services to Fortune 100 companies, venture capital and private equity firms, and investors. He has been responsible for over $500 million in notable domain acquisitions and sales, including recent blockbuster deals for Chat.com, Home.com, Tours.com, Candy.com, and Universal.com.

1. Andrew Rosener – Founder & CEO, MediaOptions.com

Andrew Rosener is the founder and CEO of MediaOptions.com, consistently ranked as one of the top global domain brokerages for the past six years. Since 2008, Andrew has been involved in over $600 million in domain sales and has played a key role in numerous high-profile domain transactions, including the sale of X.com to Elon Musk, Zoom.com to Zoom, Prime.com and Podcast.com to Amazon, and thousands of others.


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2023 Escrow.com Domain Name of the Year Awards Overview