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Buyer Protection Program

Purchase a domain name in 3 easy steps, with convenient payment and quick domain name transfer.

  • Step 1: You purchase a domain name

    The domain name will belong to you in either of the following two cases: 1、 the seller has accepted your offer, 2、you have chosen to purchase the domain name directly. After reaching an agreement, we will reserve the domain name for you for 48 hours, please make the payment in a timely manner..

  • Step 2: We assist you in transferring the domain name

    After receiving your payment, we will immediately request the domain name owner to transfer the domain name to us. Our staff will send you instructions and precautions for the transfer, and assist you in completing the transfer of domain ownership.

  • Step 3: After the transfer is successful, we will make payment to the seller

    After the domain name officially belongs to you, we will make payment to the seller. The buyer does not need to pay any fees to us.